Beware of Advice from Members

If you join a activity, let’s say a hiking group, and you hear the members giving out impromptu advice regarding survival, health, injury, etc., make sure you consult a professional, too, or at least do some reading.

You might find that at a monthly hikers’ meeting, an attractive know-it-all is showing you a stretching exercise for your sore knee. But if you go to a good physiotherapist, you might learn that the stretching will only exacerbate your knee or hip injury, that what you really need to do is build muscle strength in the injured area.

Similarly, someone might tell you that no one dies from rattlesnake bites and that the Mojave Rattler is no more dangerous than a Diamondback. However, if you take the time to read page 583 in A Natural History of the Sonoran Desert (Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum) you will find that world-renowned experts write, “The Mojave has a very toxic venom that has caused human fatalities.”

Here’s couple of good (but brief) desert survival books:

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