Dr. Weil’s Anti-inflammation Pyramid

I was just looking at the anti-inflammation food pyramid on drweil.com and saw that Dr. Weil included beans, whole grains, and dairy products in his selection. However, I once read that if a food causes you indigestion most times you eat it, then you should cut it from your diet. Repeated bouts of indigestion (and flatulence) can bring on intestinal (and then general) inflammation and ill health. Beans, whole grains, and dairy products cause indigestion in many people, especially as they age.

As a remedy for indigestion and general inflammation, I find that Dr. Sear’s Zone Diet (minus the dairy and soy products) works the best. And since this diet is somewhat restrictive, I take calcium supplements (1000 mg per day, divided into 2 or 3 doses) and Vitamin D (1000 IU per day). I also drink one glass of lactose free skim milk at lunch.

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