Speyside Section and Limehouse Conservation Area, Bruce Trail, Ontario

It was a very hot, humid day and I was wearing quick-dry light-weight nylon river pants from Mountain Equipment Coop, a polyester/nylon T-shirt that wicks real well (I bought it at Costco), and $25 nylon boxer briefs made by Exofficio (the nylon doesn’t hold moisture and then sag at the crotch like cotton). I don’t wear shorts on the Bruce Trail: the burrs and long grasses would leave scratches and welts on my legs.

I hiked from km 9.2, Map 12, Bruce Trail Guide, 25th Ed. to km 26.7 and then back to my car for a total of 35 km. My route included the Speyside Nature Reserve and the village of Speyside, and then at the top end of the hike, I passed through the Limehouse Conservation Area and then northwest to the Sixth Line. The hike was easy and the terrain was mostly flat, but with rocky stretches.

Here are some photos:

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