List of Hikes

I am adding short descriptions of the hikes I take in Canada and the United States. You will find three of my previous posts on 1) Toronto Waterfront, Leslie Spit, Cherry Beach, 2) Hiking Photos from Bruce Trail and Grand Canyon, and 3) Shoshone Point, Grand Canyon. Also see the tag Hiking and my List of Hikes.

Here are a few photos from my summer hike along the IROQUOIA Section of the Bruce Trail (near Campbellville and Milton), through the Crawford Lake and Kelso Lake conservation areas and along a side trail to Rattlesnake Point (Map 11 in the Bruce Trail Reference: 25th Edition). You’ll find turkey vultures along the escapement’s edge, especially during the early spring, before the foliage grows out and blocks your view. Wild Trillium and orchids bloom a little later in the spring.

  • Skinners Bluff to Bruce’s Caves Along the Bruce Trail
  • List of Hikes
  • Superstition Wilderness Hikes
  • Sydenham to Walter’s Falls Section of Bruce Trail
  • Grand Canyon Trails: Bright Angel, South Kaibab, Phantom Ranch, Grandview, Ribbon Falls, Plateau Point, Tanner
  • Dufferin Hi-Land Hike Near Shelburne
  • Noisy River to Prince of Wales Road, Bruce Trail
  • Speyside Section and Limehouse Conservation Area, Bruce Trail, Ontario
  • Scotsdale Farm to Boston Mills Road, Credit Valley & Bruce Trail
  • 42 KM Waterdown Hike, Bruce Trail
  • 46.2 km (28.7 mile) Hike Along Colpoy’s Bay