Signs of Ovarian Cancer – Important Information

This e-mail was forwarded to me:

> I considered not forwarding this info. I had it in my inbox for months.
> SIGNS OF OVARIAN CANCER (even in the absence of Ovaries) THIS IS A

Basically, it was a new form of a discredited e-mail that has been circulating for years. Its main thrust is that you must have regular CA-125 blood tests. However, quite a few Web sites cast doubt on this e-mail’s story/testimonial. Take a look at Trend Micro’s summary at Hoaxes.

And also see the Urban Legends synopsis:

More importantly, John Hopkins University, in its Questions and Answers About the CA-125 Test, says,

The CA-125 test is not recommended for use alone as an early detection method. The rate of false positives is very high, and there has been no data concerning change in mortality.