The Last of Brazil’s Lost Tribe

On the news last night, the reporter called it the lost tribe, but that label seems like propaganda, given that the news report was about how Brazil’s ranchers and farmers had exterminated the tribe over a number of years–obviously the tribe was not lost to these ranchers (or to the Brazilian government, which has been synonymous with unfettered ranching and rainforest destruction for decades now).

I mean the world has been after Brazil to change its ways. The world has been after Brazil for decades. Yet the Brazilian government allowed its ranchers to commit blatant genocide, and neither the United Nations nor any of its members have instituted sanctions against Brazil. I think this state of affairs–a renegade, evil Brazilian government; a United Nations that looks the other way over and over again, even after acknowledging the crime–shows us that our so-called world leaders are a sham. They come from the scrapings at the bottom of the barrel. They are not doing their jobs and are probably too brainwashed and greedy to ever do the right thing.

That so-called lost tribe in Brazil, the one they talked about on the news last night, there are only 6 members left: 2 old men and 4 old women. They are too old to reproduce. The tribe and its customs and language will soon go extinct. The Brazilian ranchers wiped them off the face of the earth. And our leaders did nothing, and are doing nothing, despite the fact that millions of concerned citizens have been complaining about Brazil and its ranchers for the last 30 years or more.