Weight Loss and Wu-Yi Tea

Most of us prefer green tea, not Wu-Yi.

I think we hear about obesity daily, how it contributes to heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and shorter lifespans. And we are bombarded by news and advertisements of diet plans and exercises and even surgical techniques. Not only are a vast number of adults fighting weight gain, our children are overweight too.

But what if you could achieve weight loss without embarking on a major diet or an extensive exercise routine? (Personally I think the Zone diet coupled with exercise will take the pounds off.) What if you could simply add one food/drink to a low calorie diet supplemented with light exercise? I am sure you have heard of green tea diets, but how about Wu-Yi tea?

Salesmen say that Wu-Yi tea helps activate enzymes that dissolve and burn fat, that the tea speeds up metabolism (just like muscle does). The active ingredients in Wu-Yi are called polyphenols. According to some research, as well as anecdotal accounts, drinking two cups of Wu-Yi tea per day helps people lose weight, and the tea also helps block the carbohydrate cascade that leads to rapid weight gain. (Personally I drink green tea. Scientists say green tea is less processed than Wu-Yi and therefore contains more antioxidants.)